About Us

The adrenaline of driving high performance vehicles has always excited me as does it with anyone I have ever met. My background of selling top spec cars has spanned over many countries including Germany, France, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia. Through doing so I have made contacts with many dealers and car collectors interested in the same vehicles as I am.

I started Big Boys Toys because I want to not only continue to buy and sell my own products but help other people do the same. It doesn’t matter if you are a trader or an individual. Whether it’s a car, boat, motorbike or plane, the feeling of driving and owning a high end vehicle should be enjoyed to the maximum.

Here at Big Boys Toys you will only find the best of the best. So if you’re here for the rare, classics, luxury, high performance, top end and big imports, you’re in the right place.

If you are ready to sell or looking to buy a new toy, feel free to contact us and we’ll assist you in any way we can. Our passion is big boys toys and our goal is to share that with you!


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